Municipal Engineering

Our engineers, planners, permitting experts, and public works specialists work with communities to maintain critical assets, from subsurface utility/ infrastructure to streetscapes, solid waste facilities, parks and trails, DPW facilities, and more. Whether we are developing master plans, implementing proactive maintenance programs, designing major upgrades or expansions, or revitalizing existing systems, we focus on meeting the current and future needs of the community at a cost they can afford.

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Transportation Engineering

JGA offers a wide range of products and services for passenger, freight and sustainable transport modes. We work with clients in the public and private sector, helping them plan, design, manage and deliver transport networks and infrastructure. Our philosophy is to ensure that the transport solutions for today are efficient, affordable and safe in the current environment and suitable for future generations.

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Construction Engineering

At the core of our operation is our Construction Engineering services , which is the flagship and oldest segment of our operation from which every other division stemmed/evolved. Our construction engineering practice works closely with developers, municipalities, federal agencies, specialty contractors to efficiently move a project through concept, delivery, completion and close-out. Typical services include but not limited to, Project management and project delivery strategies, BIM coordination, Design Build, Precast Modeling, Cast-in-Place Modeling, Erecting Engineering, Stability Analysis and Site Logistics.

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Civil Engineering

JGA provides systematic planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating of public infrastructures while improving existing infrastructures that have been neglected. Our Team members have experience in project management, transportation and/or public utilities engineering, and possess excellent communication and time management skills. Our Projects which vary in size and scale are primarily conventional utilities including flood control structures such as small and medium earth and rock-filled dams, levees, retaining walls, and diversion channels.

Storm Water Management

JGA’s storm-water capture encompasses the practice of intercepting storm-water from roofs and sites and preventing all or a large portions of it from entering the municipal storm-water system. Typical preferences include detention systems that manage the storm-water runoff from building sites (common solution for urban drainage problems), and retention systems that utilize the storm-water for other beneficial purposes. We conduct due diligence to determine suitable food plans.

Structural Condition Assessment:

At JGA we consider structural condition as a factor of a structures fitness-for-service, because, buildings, bridges, parking structures, stadiums, and all other structures do deteriorate with time as the result of repeated loadings, exposure to the elements, aging of materials, wear-and-tear from normal use, abuse, inadequate maintenance, routine structural conditions evaluation becomes increasingly necessary. Absence of proactive routine structural evaluations, may result in deterioration may progress to the point, where one or more individual debilitating events may have the consequence, of compromising the structure's strength, stability or serviceability.

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Physical Needs Analysis: ( PNA )

JGA’s Specialists' Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs) are designed to provide an inventory of outstanding maintenance issues and short-term capital item replacements, to develop a 5-year reserve replacement schedule, and to establish maintenance/monitoring baselines.

JGA;s client specific PNAs are an excellent way for a current or potential building owner to target minor and major problems, code violations, and update opportunities, in order to help make their property functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Our services can help you determine whether or not a site of interest is worth the risk. By using CNA Specialists, you can know the full extent of the history, possible shortcomings, and environmental damage to a site.

Capital Needs Assessment

JGA’s custom Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs) are designed to identify the short- and long-term physical and financial needs of low-to-moderate income, multi-family properties, as Congress mandated by statute 402.

These assessments include a comprehensive physical inspection of the project, a thorough, easy-to-read report of findings (including a statement of any assistance needed under programs administered by HUD), a description of the resources available for meeting the current and future (reserve) needs of the project, and the likelihood of obtaining such resources. CNA reports are our specialty: our industry-tested product is based on the requirements of Fannie Mae, HUD, and Standard and Poor's, developed over the course of thousands of inspections.