Construction Engineering

At the core of our operation is our Construction Engineering services , which is the flagship and oldest segment of our operation from which every other division stemmed/evolved. Our construction engineering practice works closely with developers, municipalities, federal agencies, specialty contractors to efficiently move a project through concept, delivery, completion and close-out. Typical services include but not limited to, Project management and project delivery strategies, BIM coordination, Design Build, Precast Modeling, Cast-in-Place Modeling, Erecting Engineering, Stability Analysis and Site Logistics.

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Capital Needs Assessment

JGA’s custom Capital Needs Assessments (CNAs) are designed to identify the short- and long-term physical and financial needs of low-to-moderate income, multi-family properties, as Congress mandated by statute 402.

These assessments include a comprehensive physical inspection of the project, a thorough, easy-to-read report of findings (including a statement of any assistance needed under programs administered by HUD), a description of the resources available for meeting the current and future (reserve) needs of the project, and the likelihood of obtaining such resources. CNA reports are our specialty: our industry-tested product is based on the requirements of Fannie Mae, HUD, and Standard and Poor's, developed over the course of thousands of inspections.

Jacobs Gate & Associates LLC 3D Rendering