Municipal Engineering

Our engineers, planners, permitting experts, and public works specialists work with communities to maintain critical assets, from subsurface utility/ infrastructure to streetscapes, solid waste facilities, parks and trails, DPW facilities, and more. Whether we are developing master plans, implementing proactive maintenance programs, designing major upgrades or expansions, or revitalizing existing systems, we focus on meeting the current and future needs of the community at a cost they can afford.

Jacobs Gate & Associates LLC Municipal Engineering

Storm Water Management

JGA’s storm-water capture encompasses the practice of intercepting storm-water from roofs and sites and preventing all or a large portions of it from entering the municipal storm-water system. Typical preferences include detention systems that manage the storm-water runoff from building sites (common solution for urban drainage problems), and retention systems that utilize the storm-water for other beneficial purposes. We conduct due diligence to determine suitable food plans.

Jacobs Gate & Associates LLC Storm Water Management