Structural Condition Assessment

At JGA we consider structural condition as a factor of a structures fitness-for-service, because, buildings, bridges, parking structures, stadiums, and all other structures do deteriorate with time as the result of repeated loadings, exposure to the elements, aging of materials, wear-and-tear from normal use, abuse, inadequate maintenance, routine structural conditions evaluation becomes increasingly necessary. Absence of proactive routine structural evaluations, may result in deterioration may progress to the point, where one or more individual debilitating events may have the consequence, of compromising the structure's strength, stability or serviceability.

Jacobs Gate & Associates LLC Structural Condition Assessment

Physical Needs Analysis

JGA’s Specialists' Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs) are designed to provide an inventory of outstanding maintenance issues and short-term capital item replacements, to develop a 5-year reserve replacement schedule, and to establish maintenance/monitoring baselines.

JGA;s client specific PNAs are an excellent way for a current or potential building owner to target minor and major problems, code violations, and update opportunities, in order to help make their property functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Our services can help you determine whether or not a site of interest is worth the risk. By using CNA Specialists, you can know the full extent of the history, possible shortcomings, and environmental damage to a site.

Jacobs Gate & Associates LLC Physical Needs Analysis